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7 Affordable Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Your Home

Are your utility bills giving you sleepless nights? If so, there are small tweaks that you can make to save power. While not everyone can afford to install solar panels in one’s home, there are minor changes that can work wonders for your budget and the environment around you. Sustainability is a lifestyle mantra these days and the focus should be on building sustainable homes that can cater to your everyday needs without compromising your surroundings. So, if you are environmentally-conscious you have to make that extra effort to install certain upgrades that can save energy and improve your home’s efficiency at the same time.

Top affordable eco-friendly upgrades for your home:

  1. Explore Solar Energy Options: It may be a good idea to set up solar panels instead of using energy-intensive devices and equipment at home. Solar panels are not as expensive as you think and you will even be eligible for tax credits when you opt for these.
  2. Choose LED Bulbs: The smart home today encourages the use of LED bulbs as these are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Incandescent bulbs may appear tempting but LED is a much better alternative. These may cost you slightly more if you look at the upfront costs but they use almost 75% less energy, lasting almost 25 times more than ordinary bulbs.
  3. Enhance Insulation: The easiest way to make your home energy-efficient is to improve your insulation. Did you know that a properly insulated attic, for example, can bring down your utility bills by almost 10%-50%? You may blow in insulation using a blower that you can lease from a neighborhood hardware store.
  4. Use Recycling/Compost Bin: For those of you who already have a recycling bin, it can be a good way to recycle used glass jars and bottles, papers, and any other recyclable item. You may set up a compost bin in the garden for eliminating the leftovers; this can be an excellent source of fertilizers for your garden. Today, you will get odor-free, clean, and tidy compost bins that are perfect for getting rid of household waste.
  5. Window Treatments: If you are a homeowner for many years you will notice that the window panes often need repairs because of cracks. This is a tedious and time-consuming affair but you can do it on your own using a putty knife and glazing material. This can effectively cut down your power bills for cooling and heating. Even when windows are shut, cool and hot air can come inside through crevices. So, it may be a good idea to keep changing your curtains or blinds from time to time. If you can do this, you need not keep the air-conditioning or heater on throughout the day. Are you a bitcoin investor? You have Bitcoin fantasy design window curtains with Bitcoin imprinted image. It is available in major ecommerce platforms such as Amazon. You can as well pay in Bitcoin by transferring from your bitcoin wallets. Go through the bitcoin wallets comparison of 2021 to choose the best crypto wallet to store your Bitcoin.
  6. Use No-Voc Paints: With more and more information at our fingertips about health risks from toxic paints, the no-voc paints are becoming popular. Painting is often done to revamp old floors and cabinets instead of buying these anew. In comparison to conventional paints, these have better coverage and last longer. So, research about no-voc paint providers and keep your indoor air safe and chemical-free.
  7. Install faucet aerators/low-flow showerheads: You can screw faucet aerators at the end of home faucets to significantly reduce water consumption. These are super-cheap and save gallons of water in exchange. Likewise, a low-flow showerhead (uses lower than 2 gallons a minute) can effectively bring down water-flow and reduce water wastage.

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